The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot

After several years sharing our office space and travelling the world, the Smashing Cat has decided to part ways with us. It was a bittersweet separation. On the one hand, most of us had grown to love its feline cuteness — except the dog people in the office. On the other hand, it did exhibit some very cat-like characteristics. It was quite capricious. At times it would be gone for weeks at a time, only to rub our face in its independence by sending us photos from its globetrotting.

postcard sydney The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot

Understandably, we were a bit frustrated with it! It was always a bit yellow, so it just left without saying goodbye or giving notice.

After weeks and weeks of searching, we made a new friend. He is much less demanding, understands what we’re about and is quite the academic. He has a library and is a ferocious, introverted reader. Sadly, he doesn’t really have a great sense of style. We had to come up with an classy outfit and an alias for him — he wants to stay anonymous, because he doesn’t enjoy signing autographs all that much.

500 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot

So without adieu, we’d like to show you a few choice specimens from our winter collection of covers and names. Some of the names were Lexi, Booky, Smashy, Smarty, Smooki, Chloe, eboo, Pointy and Charles. ‘Why Charles’, you ask?! Because!! In the end, we decided on Cody, which is kind of smart — Cody, as in code and coding. As for duds, as you can see, the tiger may not change his stripes but Cody sure did!

cody1 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascotcody2 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascotcody3 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot

cody4 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascotcody5 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascotcody6 The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot

In good old royalist tradition we say: “The mascot is dead — long live the mascot!”

This blog post has been written by Jan Constantin.

Jan Constantin is working at Smashing Events and loves to spend his spare time writing for Smashing Magazine.

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4 comments on “The Mascot Is Dead — Long Live The Mascot
  1. Congratulations about your new friend :-)

    And still, not that I like it more than Cody, but why not Charles? :-)

    btw Cody is great name! I like it! :-)

    One more thing – why I can`t add you to me google reader? No rss at all… ? :-(

    • Jan Constantin says:

      Thanks :-) We like Cody too. Which is why we chose Cody instead of Charles :-)

      There is an RSS feed now. Enjoy :-)

  2. Melanie says:

    Good on ya! I’m gone only since 6 month and there are many new things .. missing the office a lot.

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