Interview: Marco Kunz

Marco Kunz, our newest addition to the team, barely had time to stretch out his legs under his desk, that he was bombarded with tasks. Before joining our team he had worked as a digital media designer and Web administrator for several employers. At Smashing he’s supporting the content production with his kick-ass front-end development skills and has had design responsibilities thrust upon him.

Marco’s first assignment was to lend his coding Kung Fu to beautifying the new Smashing Media website’s layout. Over the past weeks, he laboured to adapt the responsive WordPress installation to the distinctive writing tone we are striking here. I managed to pry him from his other tasks long enough to answer a few questions about this redesign and himself.

BeFunky Marco3 Interview: Marco Kunz

Q: What were the main difficulties designing the new Smashing Media website?

Marco: Well, first of all: not being a designer. Yet, it was my first project for Smashing, so I felt I had to prove something. With only having a rough idea of what’s expected, that can be kinda creepy and on top of that I’d never worked with WordPress before.

BeFunky Marco5 Interview: Marco KunzBeFunky Marco1 Interview: Marco Kunz

Q: Did being a "Drum & Bass" fan and DJ help in any way?

Marco: Funnily enough, yes. Quite often I’m listening to "Drum & Bass" or ambient dubstep while developing and/or designing, which keeps me calm even when running into larger problems or bugs that are hard to find and fix. DJing on the other hand helped me a lot not only when it comes to web development. The weirdest stuff happens when you’re out to spin. I once went to Dortmund to visit a friend for the weekend and while on the train, she called me up to tell me that we had to do a gig this night in Bielefeld because two of the DJs on the line-up had the flu. I only had my laptop with my music on me so I had to borrow her headphones, had absolutely no time for preparing a set and did neither know the venue nor the crowd. In the end we played in front of 800 people and it all went well; going through these situations makes you at least feel prepared.

BeFunky Marco2 Interview: Marco KunzBeFunky Marco4 Interview: Marco Kunz

Q: How responsive did you want it to be? And what about those ultra-hyper-big screen users?

Marco: I think there is only responsive and static. A responsive design would have to adapt to every context, from the smallest smartphone to cinema-displays.

Q: Finally, how annoying is it to be working with an almost coding-illiterate content-manager — in other words me?

Marco: Annoying is not the right word, here. I just have to clean up behind you at times and I’ve had to deal with much worse, because you at least have a slight understanding of markup.

This blog post has been written by Jan Constantin.

Jan Constantin is working at Smashing Events and loves to spend his spare time writing for Smashing Magazine.

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