Coffee With Brad Frost

Brad Frost barely requires an introduction. If you’re a Web developer or designer and haven’t been in a coma for the last three years you’ve heard of him. He’s the bee’s knees in responsive design, the Rocky Balboa of the mobile-first “movement”.

Last week Brad introduced us to his powerful responsive Kung-Fu down at the Smashing HQ. He discussed reasons why working mobile-first is not just a sound investment, but an unavoidable customer strategy for businesses. His inspirational energy certainly influenced the present and future Webonauts who came to see him speak.

BradMeetup1 Coffee With Brad FrostBradMeetup2 Coffee With Brad Frost

I had the privilege to ask him a few questions about the future of the Web! Here are some of his answers.

Catch the interview on Vimeo.

Jan Constantin is working at Smashing Events and loves to spend his spare time writing for Smashing Magazine.

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4 comments on “Coffee With Brad Frost
  1. Zach Ford says:

    Brad Frost joins a long list of speakers that talk and talk and talk, but have absolutely nothing to say. I applaud the way he has weaz… I mean, made himself an “internet master” talking about things such as users are using smartphones to access the web now or that the web has connected us in a way that has never been done before. Not exactly enlightened statements but for those who drink the kool-aid I say, can I sell you some water?

    • Jason says:

      I disagree. I thought his Presidential Smackdown presentation ( was very informative. Was more informative than what you seem to be implying here. And I think Brad has contributed some invaluable resources for web folk. I love his This is Responsive pattern library ( His blog is chock-full of web designery goodness. Not sure what makes you want to see Brad as only someone whose only contributions to the world are “users are using smartphones to access the web now”, and why you would want to limit him to just this, because he’s offered so much more.

    • Jan Constantin says:

      It might be worth remembering that with 15 % of web users accessing the Web via Smartphone, saying “users are using smartphones to access the web” is not a small statement. The way I understand him it is more of call to arms for Web designers and developers. From a marketing standpoint every website that is selling a product and isn’t responsive is effectively disregarding 15 % of its potential customers. Spreading that awareness to customers is a good idea. And it’s something Brad advocates very well!

  2. Zach Ford says:

    Wow, the way you describe Mr. Frost, I see that he is the Messiah himself. Look, I’m glad you find his teachings an important contribution to better our society. Frankly, I feel that content, no matter what media its in, needs to be accessible. It’s a no-brainer that millennials have been born with a smartphone practically in-hand and that is how they communicate and that’s how most of the modern era consume media. It’s like when the TV was invented, I wonder if there were advocates of translating scripts written for the radio, being translated to the screen. TUBE FIRST. I mean, come on! Much of this is a no-brainer for people who are slightly intelligent. I’m sorry, I try to avoid these speakers and then every now and then, I come across one of these fluffy interviews and it aggravates me because I am a huge fan of Smashing Mag and I get sad when these people get so much attention.

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