A Typical Smashing Monday

Welcome to the newly redesigned Smashing Media website. This project arose out of a desire to ease the flow of information regarding all things Smashing. Most importantly, we want to let you all sneak a peek behind the curtain. In this blog, we’ll feature interviews, some Smashing news, a look at how we do things and maybe even answer some “What were they thinking?!” questions.

Of course, this site won’t just be about how we think, but also about what we do. We are planning so many new events, that we felt the need to create a nexus for upcoming events. We’ll endeavor to keep you apprised of everything you might like to know about Smashing, be it conference and workshop schedules, meetup dates or our newest offers in the shop.

Before we start filling this blog with interesting tidbits, we thought it would be nice to give our readers an inside look at Smashing Media. We’ve previously introduced ourselves in the 6th anniversary posting on Smashing Magazine. Now, we’d feel honored if you followed us around on a typical Monday.

It’s 10 am in the beautiful Black Forrest city of Freiburg. Outside the window, snow is still covering the hibernating ground, but in the warmth of the Smashing HQ a busy week has started. We’ve all congregated for the Smashing Stand Up and are reviewing all the tasks of the week, discussing problems that may arise and what ought to be done in the weeks to come.

Eugenia lomo pola A Typical Smashing Monday

Our office team has already been buzzing since 8 am. Lisa Meier went to town to gather the ingredients for a well balanced breakfast for the entire team and will continue to take care of the team until 12. Eugenia Hermann has been answering emails for an hour and is diving into the current projects that keep her so occupied until 5.

richard OldPhoto pola A Typical Smashing Mondayinge pola befunky A Typical Smashing Monday stephan HDR pola A Typical Smashing Monday

Richard Utner has been coordinating and planning the upcoming workshop and other events since the wee hours of the morning. At 12 he’ll switch over to the support team and help out with customer replies. Fueled by coffee and enthusiasm Stephan Poppe, our head of marketing, arrived at half past 8, catching up on email communiques with authors and global players in the publishing game, making sure the shop didn’t implode over the weekend. Inge Emmler arrived at 9, just ahead of Jan Constantin and Andrew Rogerson, and is conferring with Stephan, to make sure all the weekend’s questions and problems are being addressed. They will spend a good part of the day in meetings with Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz organizing the week and discussing the shop.

Editorial Office filmstrip A Typical Smashing Monday

Iris Ljesnjanin and Esther Arends are already knee-deep in emails from authors, editors and reviewers. Their day will only get busier from here on in. The Smashing Magazine articles of the days have to be re-reviewed, last minute changes need to be made, and everything has to be just right! This leaves the rest of the day to carefully prepare and review the editorial spreadsheet, communicate with reviewers, authors and editors, tweet giveaways, update spreadsheets and contact designers for upcoming wallpaper calendars. Several month a year the indefatigable Iris and Vitaly spend every free minute scrutinizing and editing Smashing’s newest print publication. Cosima Mielke our trainee is following these processes and preparing her latest case study.

marco pola befunky A Typical Smashing MondayBeFunky esther1 pola A Typical Smashing Monday

Meanwhile, Andrew is conversing with all regions of the world, switching to Portuguese when he’s brokering deals with Brazilian publishers. He has recently transferred the mantle of e-Book production to the newest member of the Marketing Team, Hermine Simonyan. In the corner Jan Constantin is updating the Smashing Media website, adding new content and images when required, and finally supporting the marketing wiz’s until 1 PM. The rest of his day are spent working on case studies for the Smashing Magazine.

Robin Schulz, Marco Kunz and Benedikt Rieder, pop up now and then with crucial questions about development or IT matters. Marco just finished refining the layout for the this website and will spend some time coding the upcoming mailing. He’s sure to be asked to take a look at another front-end task by the end of the day!

Bene Grunge pola A Typical Smashing Monday

Besides their responsibilities as editor-in-chief and managing director, Smashing’s two co-founders will most likely be thinking up new projects in meetings with Stephan, Inge and Iris. Their day is never over. As questions come from every side of the office via Skype, Twitter and email, Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz calmly conduct the creative chaos of the Smashing Team, making editorial decisions and implementing new ideas.

Around 6 PM, the last team member will turn of the last light, check that all the monitors have been turned off and walk home in the misty evening cold.

This blog post has been written by Jan Constantin.

Jan Constantin is working at Smashing Events and loves to spend his spare time writing for Smashing Magazine.

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